What is Happening in the World?

Are we going to live?

What does a better way look like?

In order of your questions, these are my answers.

(1) Humans being humans. To give you a metaphor that makes sense. Humanity is in its teen years and we’re either going to figure it out or we won’t.

(2) We will live. I will live. If you will or not live is up to you. You own the switch, it’s up to you to throw it.

(3) A better way looks like this — all people are fed and housed in non-crisis states. Competition for art, discovery, and science is fierce, but ultimately cooperative. We embrace the possibility of great accomplishment, we celebrate it when others do it because ultimately we are part of the same organism as our competition. The divide is only a matter of microscope settings. So we cheer on others, even while we’re running the same race. In matters of death, because we don’t have to spend our days stressed and in a constant state of alertness, we’re able to pay more attention to our bodies. Less is wrong, what is wrong is more easily identified, what is more easily identified is more easily treated what is easily treated will help us live longer. In a state of meditative focus, not startled awareness. We mourn the victims of true accidents (a rarer thing in the better world), but we also recognize that anything not born from trauma driven human actions is an act of God. There can be no other causal agent. Is this a careless move on God’s part? Or is it a warning shot in search of corrective action?