Diary Entry – September 16, 2020

Here is what I am going to manifest in the coming years.

A world that undergoes a radical shift in the relationship between people. The quality of living will be higher for and more equally distributed for everybody. This is not a question of wealth. Possessions and ownership are not intrinsic to quality of life. They may be an indicator of wealth, but they do not contribute, at a fundamental level (where the desire to be love and be loved is the sole purpose). [edit]

I will be a part of this radical shift. I will be a force for love. I will help create and understand a field of study that involves emotional regulation with a goal to clear emotional blockages. I will be part of bringing people together in a spirit of compassion and collaboration in the construction of a new way of being. I will be recognized as an evangelist of this new emotional calibration. I will do this by podcasts, tv, speaking performances where I will be lucky to meet with wonderful people from all around the globe as we figure out what we’ve got to work with.

My life has been lived as it was to put me in a position to be ready for this pivotal moment in the history of mankind.

We are water splashing on the inside of the bowl. We are headed towards flowers and not the drain. We are the garden, we are the mud and the green. There is nothing that can stop our bloom. Let us not grow impatient while we patiently wait for things to grow.

When I wake up in the morning, things will be better for the good.

Things will be better than good.

Things will be better.

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