In early March of 2020 I channeled the first in an ongoing series of channels when I heard the words Akumba and Bakumba emerge from the dark. The episodes below are, for the most part, real time channeling of the myth when it shows up. It is unreliable and I don’t know for sure it isn’t my subconscious or something like it. I just know that it feels like I’m supposed to share it. So I am. Maybe this information means something to you.


0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – Numbered points along the cycle Akumba and Bakumba walk. They start at 0 at the far left/west part of the cycle and walk counterclockwise in a 90 degree arc to arrive at 1. From 1 they continue counterclockwise 90 degrees to arrive at 2. It is at 2 where Akumba goes in search of the light (seen in the far east/right side) towards 5, and Bakumba begins the return to the dark by traveling to 3. When Bakumba continues from 3 to the dark what was once called 0 is now called 4. Akumba continues from 5 to 6. 6 is the source of the light.

Akumba & Bakumba – The two spirits who walk the cycle. Originally introduced to me during a sensory deprivation tank experience in March 2020 with the words Akumba and Bakumba emerged from the dark. Akumba goes in search of the source of light and Bakumba returns home to protect the dark.

True New Year – The first day of a year is August 8th. The last day of a year is August 6th. August 7th is a date without a year and is best understood as a transitionary period.


Everything is in cycles…

Where I am unclear is that there seems to be significance to 11, 22, and 88 year cycles.

Where I am unclear is that I think there are eight cycles, seven of which consist of 88 years, and an 8th cycle that consists of 44 years. That means that a full cycle as I conceive of it is 660 years. But it is entirely plausible (and likely) that even that 660 year period is only part of a larger cycle that is part of a larger cycle that is part of a larger cycle and so on.

Cycles can be applied to individuals, societies, humanities, planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes, and beyond. I think the human cycle is the 88 year cycle.

I want to think that our current cycle (which began in 1984) is the 8th cycle, but that could very well be hubris because my ego hopes to exist in the final cycle that precedes total light. IF this is the 8th cycle, then this 660 year cycle will conclude on August 6th, 2028. If it does not conclude then and it is part of a larger cycle, this particular 88 year cycle will look like this –

0 begins – August 8, 1984
1 begins – August 8, 1995
2 begins – August 8, 2006
3 begins – August 8, 2017
4 begins – August 8, 2028
5 begins – August 8, 2039
6 begins – August 8, 2050
7 begins – August 8, 2061
8 begins – August 8, 2072