Birthday Requests

Provided all goes according to plan, I’ll turn 45 on Tuesday, February 16. I’m hoping you’ll help me celebrate. Even though we can’t all be together in person, I’d still love to hear your voice. Will you please send me an audio clip of you talking to me or to everybody or even yourself about the good in the world?

I’m going to stitch them together and make a podcast collage out of them.

Are you eligible to be a part of this? Of course you are. It doesn’t matter if we’ve been friends for forty years or we only know each other from the internet. You are a real human being in the world.

And I love you for that.


  • Please try to keep clips under three minutes.
  • Audio only. There will be no video component.
  • Try to not swear.
  • You can address me, the world, or yourself (or all of us!).
  • Please have clips to me by 11:59 p.m. on February 15th.
  • Clips can be emailed to leroy.ben AT
  • Please only use first names and/or nicknames.

UPDATE: First episode now live. Click here to listen.

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