are you scared, too


When I was a baby in a car seat.

When I was the seat belt.

When I was metal.

This is where the fork in the road grew consequences, the last two tendrils of the unexplored


When I was a kid on a bike

When I was the pedal

When I was metal.

What would it mean to wake up in 1988 right now?

I would be 12.

Would I make this trade, in place /|\ time?


If I was equipped with the knowledge of what has been

—-would I do anything different?

Would anything be different?

Have I already learned this trick before?

If so, here are some questions I have for myself — When you went back from 1988, when did you make the trip?

An answer that would make sense is that at 2028 because I’ve got specific information

about it.

(There will be no President)

But I’ve got a concept of 2072, too.

I think this is a good place for