23 – w/ Carl Ortman

I was in Salida, Colorado for the Salida Writers Retreat when I was introduced to artist Carl Ortman. A day or two later we were podcasting.

Here’s a bio I stole from the internet – 

Carl Ortman’s affinity for art began at an early age when he was accepted into Western Reserve Academy boarding school to study fine arts. And though his next step was to go to college, he knew from his initial moments there that he would not end up with his ideal life if he followed the predetermined degree outlines. He viewed college as a means to help sharpen who he was as an artist and person, not a place to follow a systematic course schedule en route to receipt of a degree. He proceeded to take an assortment of college classes dealing with psychology, design, and traditional art skills.

After he finished his formal education, he pursued career paths in graphic, interior, and conceptual design and fulfilled entrepreneurial interests by starting two businesses. Carl also sought out mentors and life coaches over the next several years in an effort to continue bettering who he was as both an artist and a human being. These people’s gracious efforts and time investments have forever molded and shaped his life. His background in art and psychology, through formal education and mentored apprenticeships, has helped to form the artist you see now.

In 2004, Carl had an epiphany that came when he found that he could couple all of his earlier pursuits into a single rewarding career by producing gallery quality art. The years since that breakthrough have demanded tremendous faith on his part that his work could succeed and that the path he took to follow his heart’s desire would be the right one. Looking back, Carl can honestly say with confidence that he made the right decision. His life has never been richer or fuller now that he has allowed himself to do what seems to be intrinsically a part of who he is.

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