Ask a Question #13 – What is the sound of a tsunami?

Excellent question. Foregoing the obvious answer of what the tsunami sounds like when it comes in contact with things — land, cars, houses, etc.–and instead wondering about what it would sound like in the middle of the ocean before it’s been detected, I don’t know because I’m not typically regarded as a prominent or informed scientist.

But I’m pretty sure I remember that sound comes in waves and tsunami comes in waves. Tsunami also sounds like the name of a metal band from the 80s. But with some random word thrown in, too. Like:

Pillow Tsunami
Tsunami Jaguar
Tsunami Valley Rangers
The Tsunami Hammer Project

So basically, the way I figure it, a tsunami sounds like they’d be the first act at the Danbury County Fair Hair Metal Gala – on before what’s left of Warrant while C.C. Deville from Poison watches stage left and the singer from Cinderella works the smoke machine for an extra $55/hr and an elephant ear from the midway.

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