Ask a Question #12 – What is the plan?

Love not fear.

We are not doomed.

Get up. Go Again.

See. Hear. Help.

Bear Active Witness.

Commit Active Mercy.

I think if we adhere to these guidelines, even if only 70% of us do, we can get that long sought after herd immunity against all of the disruption and the chaos that envelops us presently. The best thing about this is that the cure is inside of us all. Just waiting to be recognized.

So as you go out into the world, do so without fear, with love. If you get knocked down, rise. If you see others hurting, bear witness to them. And then when you are ready (you will know the moment), step forward and commit active mercy. It is your guide and it is is the guide you leave behind for others. Don’t ever forget how much power you have and what a great thing of which you are a part.

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