Request a Prayer #0A – I’ve got an urgent business idea, need start up capital, serious inquiries only.

I’m pretty sure I’ve come up with an idea for a business that can help fix the world in a meaningful way. I’m going to need the following things to make it happen:

  • An angel investor. Though I’m confident that in other times my idea is one that could have made a lot of money and maybe could even make a lot of money right now, that’s not my goal, and I think that ongoing money concerns (especially as it relates to profitability) would only cloud the positive potential of the idea. So, I need you to think in terms of how you can save the world and not how you can save money.
  • Behavioral scientists. We’re going to be exploring the human brain in ways we haven’t before and this isn’t going to be like any science in some ways because it is jumping forward multiple steps in the process without knowing what exactly we’ve missed. I’m definitely going to need people who can give language to emotional states, compassion, hope–in fact, I’ll need somebody who can measure these things precisely.
  • Volunteers willing to be vulnerable. Part of what this is about is recalibrating our internal emotional machine. It will be cleaning out harmful toxins and holding space for pure essence. But, because you are already broken and this science is not yet completely understood, there could be some really rough days. Hopefully, though, once we get all of the trials underway and we figure out the early big discoveries of the new science, we’ll have you happy in ways you never understood possible.
  • Miscellaneous technologies and furnitures. I am not at liberty to divulge the particulars, but if you’re in the technology or furniture industry AND you want to make the world a better place at no financial gain to yourself, then maybe I might be part of your life plan.

Bear Active Witness,


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