Prayer Request #4 – Sides and Rules and Let Go Let Go Let Go

I don’t know if fighting remains the best tactic for surviving. It’s almost implicit that engaging in fighting acknowledges the idea of sides and rules. But at this point where we are now with our swords held high, it’s only kinetic energy and ungrounded plugs. Everything is a shock to the system. Everything is a shock. Everything is shock. Everything shocks i. I shocks everything. I everything.


I think we should allow our brains to break. Forcing them to make sense of these coordinates is a fool’s errand. Energy spent in pursuit of unwinnable battles and frustration. To fully survive we must engage on entirely new terms. We need to let go of the past.

We need to let go.


Let go.

Is it scary? As Hoffmeister said when we were climbing trees, maybe. But what is here? What is now? It’s a bumper crop of fear, bundled up in gas masks and compassionless helmets. It’s the fear of not knowing a future. It’s the fear of oh god the  fear the fear the fear. They built the wall for fear and gave it a new name.

So let’s go. Let’s let go of the fear and strike out like the great explorers into the unknown with enough beef jerky to get us to the Iowa state line [fill in your own modest geographical escape route details, this manifesto is Mad Libs].

The madness is in the method. We can’t keep doing the same thing and hope this time it’s Christmas. Presents. The smell of pine. The quiet of the Western Front.

You are wild and free.

You are wild.

You are free.

Let go and

Commit Active Mercy,


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