Ask a Question #6 – has there been anything good about 2020?

It’s definitely been a tough year on multiple fronts for just about everybody. When things stabilize into whatever new normal we get to, I’m pretty sure we’re going to need something like AmeriCorps to head out into every neighborhood and do trauma/mental health work. We’ve got the new traumas, but below them, we’ve also got a lot of untreated trauma and I hope, hope, hope that our approach to mental health evolves in a way that allows us to address the trauma in a meaningful way. It’s critical to our survival on personal and societal levels.

That said, I’ve had some good things pop up in 2020. At the end of 2019 I was diagnosed with melanoma on my face (a little below my left eye) and I had to have surgery to remove the cancer and then plastic surgery to stitch up the wound. So far my healing is doing well and though there’s a very visible scar, it doesn’t look nearly as garish as it did after the first Mohs surgery to cut out the melanoma.

I’ve also managed to lose about twenty pounds since March by paying much more attention to what I’m eating and making sure to walk about five miles a day. I’d planned on being very active this summer and some of those activities have been modified because of the virus. One of the biggest modifications is that I haven’t been eating in restaurants nearly as often, but…

I’ve also made an earnest attempt to learn the fine art of cooking. I’m not doing anything particularly intricate, but the satisfaction of making things I’d normally order at a restaurant has been a great sanity booster. I’ve also been able to share the food with people (my dad being the most willing recipient) and I think I’m starting to understand why that act has been so important to people for generations and generations. It’s taken me four decades, but I think I’m catching up to aspects of being human that had previously been vague to me.

How about you? Do you have any good news to share about your time in 2020?

Commit Active Mercy,


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