Ask a Question #5 – What would you (Ben) want people to know is a special skill you possess?

My first inclination was to say (not even trying to be faux humble) that I don’t feel that I have one particular skill or trait that would qualify as special. Maybe in the high end of regular, but not so much to be distinct from its less skilled peers. Mainly because anything I engage in at this point has likely been engaged in since before we made the turn into human beings and that covers a lot of ground and I can presume that as things tend to fall to the middle the longer they go on, so too go I.

But then I remembered that maybe I do actually have a special skill because I came up with weird theories and technological implementing of them and how the emotional resonance of anything can be broken down into separate pieces, can be rearranged, can be repurposed to say more than we originally heard from its mouth.

And how exactly do you managed to do that, Ben? I hear your question. My answer is that I manipulate videos on Youtube by speed and volume and combine them with other videos on Youtube that have also been manipulated and then I watch new variations while listening to the sound of another and I realize that our emotions are maybe more sensitive than our eyes and ears can filter, that maybe there is one more twist of the microscope to make things clearer than we thought possible.

I would like to demonstrate this special skill to you. If you reply in the comments with a particular emotion you’d like to feel, I’ll make you a custom experience for you to feel that emotion. If you would like to make a blend of emotions that you’d like to feel at one time, I can do that, too. If you’re feeling too much rage, let me turn up the calm. If you’re passive, let me find your active and hand it back to you with a bow and a Bon Voyage.

Who among you will be bravest firstest? What emotion would you like to feel? Don’t worry about being vulnerable, it’s only the internet watching. And besides I purposefully left you no way to leave behind your name or your contact information on the form.

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