Ask a Question #4 – What are your top three favorite cities?

My answer changes daily on this. Today, in celebration of summers past and international voyages in those years to South Africa (2015), Norway (2018) and Spain (2019) my choices will be distinctly non domestic.

The list:

(1) Barcelona. From the time we drove into Barcelona I knew I’d been there before in some other incarnation. It felt like going home. It’s one of the places I’d could see staying at for months, but won’t ever do because I know how much the locals hate tourists like me. Anyway, you have the Mediterranean Sea, you’ve got Gaudi, you’ve got all the literary ghosts you’d never formally addressed before. I hope my old life in Barcelona was a knock out.

(2) Bergen is gorgeous and Bergen is hip and alive. We had ridiculously good weather and the world was simpler. I know long term vacation to Norway would cost about twelve thousand dollars a day, but with all of the beautiful things–the mountains, the fjords, the art, the people–it would still be a bargain. It’s so at odds with how I imagined it using only metal records as a reference point. What wild times there must have been on the North Sea.

(3) Capetown is full of generational energy. It is history’s history and it’s in your DNA, your blood like metal shavings to a magnet. We drove along the road tracing the point where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean and I swear–my hand on a stack of Bibles–that I’d never felt the immensity of the Ocean and all the water of time as much as I did right there. Like getting to meet somebody’s legendary grandmother and being more amazed than you thought you would be. That trip was magical and I hope that everybody gets to experience the enchanting world of it all.

Tune in tomorrow when the answer to the question might be Portland, Salt Lake City, and Crawford (Nebraska). One good thing about my living time spent living is that I’ve been able to visit a lot of places and people and the older I get, the memorable moments are always around for comfort even if they aren’t precise or accurate.

Commit Active Mercy,


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