Ask a Question #3 – What is the opposite rundown?

I wish you would have asked me in May, I think I would have been more qualified (certainly more talkative) about it then. I haven’t given it as much thought lately, partly, I suspect, because I am afraid to give it much oxygen lest it turn into the fire of its potential. But mostly I think I’m just distracted by everything else going on and like I told my friend Raven a few days ago — I think this is the I’m Stuck at the DMV portion of my life and getting mad about it won’t make the clock go faster. I’d rather not consider anything right now for fear I’ll want to act on it.

If you’re looking for an actual educated opinion on the matter I suspect tracking down “Barely on the Saturday Blink” or “The Racer’s Optional Dilemma.” Either of those two says as much as I’d want to if only I had the right words for the bridge.

As the French say — watch the mountain with your eyes not your legs. I guess that’s about how much I can safely opine on subjects best left to the experts.

Commit Active Mercy,


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