The More Things Change

In 1993, a 17 year old Ben was tasked with getting his senior portrait taken. I had grand visions about what I wanted to do, how I wanted it styled, and how to best make use of the bangs that I’d been growing since 1989. The first photo below is from that photo shoot.

Ultimately, I also took photos wearing a tie and a dress shirt, my hair slicked back sensibly. One of those shots is what ended up in the yearbook. But, as was the thing to do at the time, I had a bunch of the candle shots made into wallet sized photographs (that used to be a thing).

Sometime in the last decade I really wanted to find a copy–any copy– of one of the candle shots, but I didn’t have any in my personal collection and a few requests to social media yielded zero results.


But earlier this year my dear friend Stompermonster who had once been an intern at Bleak House Books and then moved to Portland, OR where she ended up working for a former high school classmate of mine texted me a copy of the photo. It turned out that her boss had mistakenly kept a copy of the photo for A QUARTER OF A CENTURY on a journey that took her from Madison to about a hundred other places and then finally Portland.

Anywho, with Covid making trips to the haircut emporium a little less frequent this year, I’ve had the opportunity to let my hair do its thing and at some point I decided that what was once good is now great.

This photo was taken more than 27 years later than the first. Upgrade on the candle. Maybe a little less angst. I’m thinking the yearbook equivalent would be to put this up on LinkedIn.

May you always be young and in touch with your senior portrait.

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