18 – More Good in the World

Part Two!

I made a request on my blog for people to submit recordings of themselves talking about the good in the world. I told them I would like to string everything together into one long podcast.

I figured I’d get movie and music recommendations. Books to read. New recipes. I, in my role as faithful town barker, would share the megaphone with anybody who had something good to share.

In the end I received nearly 50 clips. I didn’t get a single recommendation for a Netflix series. Instead, I got inspiring stories of families and communities coming together.

I also received profoundly emotional discussions about the time I’ve been fortunate to share with others. I won’t lie to you–I cried a lot as I listened. I am so blessed to have the circles I have.

What I got was different from what I’d expected and I wasn’t sure I was going to share it. Would there be any meaningful takeaways from a hyper personal discussion among friends? For the first few days I thought it may be better to treasure these moments for myself. But then I came to the conclusion that me sharing these intimate monologues is putting Good into the World.

And wasn’t that the point?


“It’s the Ben LeRoy Show” theme song was written and performed by Lauren Boyko

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