15 – Let’s go to the 200s!

I’ve been missing you something fierce of late and I’ve finally unlazied myself enough to record a new episode of the podcast. It’s a departure, but one that I think I’ll make a regular thing.

Here’s the setup: It’s me going down a Wikipedia rabbit hole of a topic that I find fascinating in the moment. I’ll read to you. I’ll explore some links. Then I’ll get self-conscious about going on too long and by the time I’m done hopefully you will have either (a) learned something, or (b) fallen asleep.

In this first episode, I explore the third century A.D. First fact I found out that blew my mind? The population of the planet at that point (human) was 275 million people. I HAD NO IDEA, DEAR LISTENER!

Show Notes:


“It’s the Ben LeRoy Show” theme song was written and performed by Lauren Boyko

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