12 – 2020

I’ve got some thoughts about 2020 as it makes for the exit. Mainly, it moved too fast and too immense. It would be like trying to capture a tsunami in a thimble.

But there were plenty of beautiful and vibrant aspects to 2020, too. Two of them were books and music. I talk about my favorites of the year.

As this year draws to a close, I want to thank you for listening to the podcast whether this is your first episode of you’ve listened to the whole dozen. Be compassionate to yourself and to those around you. We are capable of great feats when we are together.

Everything is possible.

Show Notes:

In this episode I talked about Erica Freas’ album Young and how during 2020 one of the unexpected joys/artful experiences I had was listening to the audio of the album while watching the home movies of strangers on YouTube. Longtime listeners of the podcast/readers of the blog know that I call these Inabsolute Mixes.

Push play on both tracks and then expand the home movies tab to a full screen. You should hear the audio of “Fantastic Future” from Young while watching strangers on vacation. As you watch, here are some questions to consider:

  • Who were they?
  • Where are they now? What has their life been?
  • How do you feel emotionally? Why?


“It’s the Ben LeRoy Show” theme song was written and performed by Lauren Boyko

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